Hollywood Fakes

Kate Winslet fucks her cousin (played by Christopher Eccleston) in Jude (1996).  Check out the bush!!!  She says she doesn’t know what she’s doing but we all know what bullshit that is.  Kate knows exactly what she’s doing - she’s certainly had enough practice.

Male - Female Lookalikes

I don’t know who should be more embarassed by this - the guys or the girls, but don’t you think that…


Ozzie Osbourne (drugged out rock star) looks an awful lot like Penny (Laverne of the Laverne and Shirley TV show) Marshall?

This next one is even more embarassing because these people are supposed to be good looking. 


Johnny Depp is a really HOT actor, but WTF was he thinking when he dressed up like this for Alice in Wonderland?!  Pretty creepy eyes and teeth if you ask me!  Does he even know how much he looks like Madonna with this outfit on?  But the really sad part of this is - Madonna looks like the Mad Hatter!!!  How un-sexy is that?!

Lilo’s Fake Boobs

Lindsay Lohan used to be a little on the chubby side when she was younger (according to Hollywood standards only) but then she decided to slim down a little - A LOT!!!  The only problem with that is that her fake boobs look even bigger now than ever.  She better be careful or she just might topple over face first from the weight of them.  Oh, wait a minute, she’s used to falling down (drunk) anyway.


Mandy’s Not As Innocent as She Seems

Mandy Moore is so sweet and innocent…. or she likes to make us all think.  But I think there’s a slutty side to her too.

See what I mean?!

Looks like Mandy’s into gloryholes just like Scarlett!

Lindsay Lohan’s Nip Slips

Here are a few Lindsay Lohan Nip Slips that I found floating around on the internet - no need for fakes with Lilo (except of course her fake boobs).


Captain Smith Gets a Suck Job!

Titanic (1997) starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favourite movies so you will probably be seeing a lot of these actors on this site but here’s something that other Titanic fans might not have seen before - Captain Smith (Bernard Hill) getting a suck job!!!

Kate’s Titanic Tits

Some Hollywood celebs make it so easy - we don’t even have to search for slutty pictures of Kate Winslet because she’s willing to take it off for us in just about every movie she does…. and we are so grateful Kate.  Keep up the good work and you’ll keep all our cocks up too.  Here she is baring it all in Titanic (1997) for Leonardo DiCaprio’s eyes.


Kathy Bates’ BIG Boobs!

Kathy Bates baring her BIG boobs for Jack Nicholson in About Schmdit (2002).  There are so many celebs willing to show all they’ve got (even when they’ve got a lot like Kathy) to us that it makes my job of finding these pictures so much easier.

Scarlett Johansson Glory Hole

Looks like Scarlett doesn’t swallow but she doesn’t mind using her designer dress to wipe off the guys cock after he shoots all over her face.

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